Cornell Dubilier Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors – Snap in 63V8200Uf (35X35) (1 Piece)

Cornell Dubilier Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors – Snap in 63V8200Uf (35X35) (1 Piece)

Are you in need of high-quality aluminum electrolytic capacitors? Look no further! Cornell Dubilier offers a wide range of capacitors to meet your needs. Our Snap-in 63V8200Uf (35X35) capacitor is perfect for various applications and is available in a convenient pack of 1 piece.

Why Choose Cornell Dubilier Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors?

When it comes to capacitors, Cornell Dubilier is a trusted name in the industry. Here’s why you should choose our aluminum electrolytic capacitors:

1. High-Quality Construction

Our capacitors are made with top-notch materials and undergo rigorous testing to ensure durability and reliability. You can trust our capacitors to perform consistently in demanding applications.

2. Wide Range of Capacities

Whether you need a small capacitor for a low-power circuit or a larger one for high-power applications, we have you covered. Our capacitors come in various capacities to suit different requirements.

3. Easy Installation

Our Snap-in capacitors are designed for easy installation. Simply snap them into place, and you’re good to go. This saves you time and effort during the assembly process.

4. Competitive Prices

At Cornell Dubilier, we believe in offering high-quality products at affordable prices. Our capacitors provide excellent value for money, making them a cost-effective choice for your projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the dimensions of the Snap-in 63V8200Uf (35X35) capacitor?

A: The dimensions of the capacitor are 35mm x 35mm.

Q: Can I use this capacitor in high-temperature environments?

A: Yes, our aluminum electrolytic capacitors are designed to withstand high temperatures, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

Q: How long is the lifespan of these capacitors?

A: Our capacitors have a long lifespan and are built to last. However, the lifespan can vary depending on the operating conditions and usage.


When it comes to aluminum electrolytic capacitors, Cornell Dubilier is the brand you can trust. Our Snap-in 63V8200Uf (35X35) capacitor offers high-quality performance, easy installation, and competitive prices. Shop now and experience the difference!