Dacasso Side-Rail Desk Pad – Product Description

Dacasso Side-Rail Desk Pad

Enhance your workspace with the Dacasso Side-Rail Desk Pad. This desk pad is designed to provide both style and functionality, making it the perfect addition to any office or home office.

Product Description

The Dacasso Side-Rail Desk Pad measures 64.77 x 43.82 x 1.57 cm, offering ample space for all your writing needs. It features genuine walnut stained rails with a black leather inlay, creating a sophisticated and elegant look.

Stylish Design

The walnut side rails of the desk pad are beautifully inlaid with black leather, adding a touch of luxury to your workspace. The combination of walnut and black leather creates a timeless and classic aesthetic that will complement any decor.

Functional Features

The desk pad is designed with a protective felt backing, ensuring that it stays securely in place on your desk. The durable faux leather writing surface provides a smooth and comfortable writing experience, making it ideal for long hours of work or study.

Safe for Electronics

The Dacasso Side-Rail Desk Pad is safe for use with laptop computers. The smooth writing surface protects your laptop from scratches and provides a stable base for comfortable typing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use blotter paper with this desk pad?

No, the Dacasso Side-Rail Desk Pad does not accept blotter paper. However, the top-grain leather inlay provides a luxurious writing surface.

Where is this desk pad made?

The Dacasso Side-Rail Desk Pad is made in Taiwan.


The Dacasso Side-Rail Desk Pad is a stylish and functional accessory for your workspace. With its genuine walnut stained rails, black leather inlay, and durable writing surface, it offers both elegance and practicality. Upgrade your desk with this luxurious desk pad and enjoy a comfortable and productive work environment.