E BAVITE Black Swivel Swing Magnetic Hooks

E BAVITE Black Swivel Swing Magnetic Hooks

Introducing the E BAVITE Black Swivel Swing Magnetic Hooks, a must-have accessory for any household. This pack of 10 powerful magnetic hooks is designed to make your life easier and more organized. Whether you need to hang kitchen utensils, keys, or even small tools, these hooks are perfect for the job.


These magnetic hooks are made from strong neodymium rare earth magnets, ensuring a secure hold on any magnetic surface. With a weight capacity of 30LBS, you can trust these hooks to keep your items in place. The swivel swing design allows for easy access and flexibility, making them ideal for use in the kitchen, garage, or office.

Easy Installation

Installing these magnetic hooks is a breeze. Simply place them on any magnetic surface and they will instantly attach. No drilling or adhesive required. The compact size of these hooks makes them versatile and easy to use in any space.


These magnetic hooks are not limited to just the kitchen. Use them in your office to hang keys or organize cables. In the garage, they can hold tools or hang gardening equipment. The possibilities are endless.

  1. Can these hooks be used on stainless steel surfaces?
  2. Yes, these magnetic hooks can be used on stainless steel surfaces as long as they are magnetic.

  3. What is the maximum weight capacity of these hooks?
  4. These hooks can hold up to 30LBS.

  5. Can these hooks be used outdoors?
  6. These hooks are not recommended for outdoor use as they may rust over time.


The E BAVITE Black Swivel Swing Magnetic Hooks are a versatile and practical solution for organizing your space. With their strong neodymium rare earth magnets and 30LBS weight capacity, these hooks can securely hold a variety of items. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a more organized home or office with these magnetic hooks.