Handycrafts – Pottery Wheel – Make and Decorate Clay Pots

Handycrafts – Pottery Wheel – Make and Decorate Clay Pots

Helps Children Develop Artistic Skills

Gift your children the Funskool pottery wheel activity kit. This pottery wheel is just like the real thing and your children can make clay pots by moulding wet clay into different shapes and designs. The pottery wheel kit helps your children develop their artistic skills in a fun way. It also teaches them to be patient and concentrate on the task at hand. This battery-operated pottery wheel set contains a wheel, tools, two moulds, a sponge, a bag of clay, two jars of modeled dough, six paints and a paintbrush. So you have all you need to create pottery items and decorate them as you please.

Encourages Kids to Experiment

Place the clay pot on the center of the wheel. It should be held on either side with wet hands so that the clay evens out. The clay pot has to be carefully moulded into a volcano shape without rushing. By using the tools provided, you can easily make a hole on the top. The whole process may take about 5 minutes. Once your pots have dried and are ready you can paint them too. This kit encourages your kids to experiment with different colours, ideas, designs and helps make them more creative individuals.

Product Details:

  • Brand: Funskool
  • Recommended for: 8 years and above
  • Includes: 1 motor centering device, 1 comb, 1 wire, 2 moulds, 1 sponge, 1 bag of clay, 2 jars of dough modeled, 6 pots of paint and 1 paintbrush

Toys and Games

A great product for a child to develop their artistic skills and to have endless fun.

Paint your own pots

Design and shape unique pottery items.

An instruction booklet is also included, parental supervision is recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this pottery wheel suitable for beginners?

Yes, this pottery wheel is suitable for beginners. It comes with an instruction booklet that guides children through the process.

2. Can the clay pots be used for practical purposes?

No, the clay pots made with this pottery wheel are for decorative purposes only.

3. Can additional clay and paint be purchased separately?

Yes, additional clay and paint can be purchased separately to continue the pottery-making fun.


The Funskool pottery wheel activity kit is a great way to encourage your children’s artistic skills and creativity. With this kit, they can make and decorate clay pots, allowing them to experiment with different designs and colors. Suitable for children aged 8 years and above, this pottery wheel set provides all the necessary tools and materials for endless fun. So, gift your children this kit and watch them unleash their creativity!