Homecall Folding Beach Chair with Rainbow Textilene Adjustable Backrest

Homecall Folding Beach Chair with Rainbow Textilene Adjustable Backrest

Are you looking for the perfect beach chair that combines comfort, style, and convenience? Look no further than the Homecall Folding Beach Chair with Rainbow Textilene Adjustable Backrest. This innovative chair is designed to enhance your beach or poolside experience, providing you with ultimate relaxation and comfort.

Features and Benefits

Adjustable Backrest

The Homecall Folding Beach Chair features an adjustable backrest, allowing you to find the perfect angle for maximum comfort. Whether you prefer to sit upright and read a book or recline and soak up the sun, this chair has got you covered.

Rainbow Textilene Fabric

The chair is made from high-quality rainbow textilene fabric, which is not only durable but also adds a pop of color to your beach setup. The fabric is breathable, ensuring that you stay cool even on hot summer days.

Portable and Lightweight

One of the standout features of this beach chair is its portability. It can be easily folded and carried using the built-in handle, making it perfect for beach trips, camping, or picnics. Despite its lightweight design, the chair is sturdy and can support up to 250 pounds.

Sturdy Construction

The Homecall Folding Beach Chair is built to last. It features a sturdy steel frame that can withstand the elements and provide stability on uneven surfaces. The chair also has non-slip feet, ensuring that it stays in place even on sandy or wet surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the chair be adjusted to a fully flat position?

No, the chair can be adjusted to various angles but does not recline to a fully flat position.

2. Is the chair suitable for tall individuals?

Yes, the chair has a high backrest and can accommodate individuals of different heights.

3. Can the chair be used by the poolside?

Yes, the chair is designed for both beach and poolside use. Its rust-resistant frame ensures durability even in a humid environment.


The Homecall Folding Beach Chair with Rainbow Textilene Adjustable Backrest is the perfect companion for your beach or poolside adventures. Its adjustable backrest, rainbow textilene fabric, portability, and sturdy construction make it a must-have for anyone seeking comfort and style. So why wait? Get your own Homecall Folding Beach Chair today and elevate your outdoor relaxation experience!