Jungle Animal Foam Stickers – Product Description

Jungle Animal Foam Stickers

Introducing the Baker Ross EV3115 Jungle Animal Foam Stickers, a pack of 96 self-adhesive puffy scrapbook stickers. These adorable stickers are perfect for adding a touch of fun and creativity to your crafts and projects.

Bring the Jungle to Life

With these Jungle Animal Foam Stickers, you can bring the vibrant and exciting world of the jungle right into your crafts. Each sticker features a different jungle animal, including lions, tigers, monkeys, and more. Let your imagination run wild as you create scenes and stories with these cute and colorful stickers.

Easy to Use

These foam stickers are self-adhesive, making them incredibly easy to use. Simply peel off the backing and stick them onto any surface you desire. Whether you’re decorating scrapbooks, greeting cards, or school projects, these stickers will adhere securely and add a playful touch to your creations.

High-Quality and Durable

The Baker Ross EV3115 Jungle Animal Foam Stickers are made from high-quality materials, ensuring their durability and longevity. The foam material gives them a puffy texture, adding an extra dimension to your crafts. These stickers are designed to withstand wear and tear, so you can enjoy them for a long time.

Endless Possibilities

With a pack of 96 stickers, the possibilities are endless. Use them to decorate party invitations, create themed scrapbook pages, or add a touch of fun to your child’s school projects. These stickers are also great for teachers and parents looking to engage children in creative activities.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Can these stickers be used on different surfaces?
  2. Yes, these stickers can be used on various surfaces such as paper, cardstock, and even some fabrics.

  3. Are these stickers suitable for children?
  4. Yes, these stickers are safe for children aged 3 and above. However, adult supervision is recommended.

  5. How many different animal designs are included in the pack?
  6. The pack includes 96 stickers with a variety of jungle animal designs.

In conclusion, the Baker Ross EV3115 Jungle Animal Foam Stickers are a fantastic addition to any craft or project. Their self-adhesive nature, high-quality materials, and adorable designs make them a must-have for anyone looking to add a touch of jungle fun to their creations. Order your pack today and let your imagination run wild!