Lindo Galaxy Slim Electro-Acoustic Guitar: A Celestial Musical Experience

Are you ready to embark on a musical journey through the cosmos? Look no further than the Lindo Galaxy Slim Electro-Acoustic Guitar. Designed at the Lindo headquarters in Bristol, this guitar is a celebration of the beauty and wonder of our universe. With its visually striking ‘dark rift’ color printed finish and cool design touches, the Lindo Galaxy is truly out of this world.

Unleash Your Musical Potential

The Lindo Galaxy features a spruce top, linden back and sides, and a catalpa neck with a rosewood fretboard. With its slim profile and Venetian cutaway, this guitar offers easy access across the entire fretboard, making it a versatile and easy instrument to play. Whether you’re into strumming, lead, or fingerstyle playing, the Lindo Galaxy caters to all genres and styles.

From complete beginners to experienced guitarists, the Lindo Galaxy is a recommended choice for all levels. Its diverse range of tones and easy playability make it a joy to explore and create music with.

Experience the Power of Sound

The Lindo Galaxy is equipped with an on-board SV-T740 preamp, located on the upper shoulder of the guitar. This preamp connects to a dual XLR and jack output on the underside, allowing you to capture that warm acoustic sound wherever you are. Whether you’re playing live, recording at home, or in a professional studio, the Lindo Galaxy ensures you have the connectivity options you need.

The preamp EQ system includes bass, middle, treble, and presence sliders, giving you full control over your sound. Additionally, there is a master volume knob for easy adjustments on the fly.

Everything You Need in One Package

When you purchase the Lindo Galaxy, you’ll receive a complete accessory pack to enhance your playing experience. The package includes a nylon gig bag, a Lindo tripod guitar stand, a Lindo capo, an acoustic beginner DVD, guitar strings, a guitar strap, 10 plectrums, a truss rod Allen key, and a 9V battery. With everything you need right out of the box, you can start playing and exploring the universe of music immediately.

  • Unique slim-body electro-acoustic guitar – designed by Lindo Guitars in Bristol, U.K
  • Integrated preamp with digital chromatic tuner and 4-band EQ with dual XLR/standard jack outputs for increased connectivity options (amplifier, PA, audio interface)
  • Mini dot fret markers and unique ‘eclipse’ 12th fret inlay on the rosewood fretboard
  • Black gloss finish body and neck with a full color-printed top and headstock finish with ‘Dark Rift’ Milky Way imagery
  • Includes gig bag, guitar stand, strings, strap, 10 plectrums, beginner DVD, capo

The Lindo Galaxy Slim Electro-Acoustic Guitar is more than just a musical instrument. It’s a gateway to the stars, allowing you to express yourself and create beautiful music. With its unique design, versatile sound, and complete accessory pack, the Lindo Galaxy is a must-have for any musician, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player. Embark on a celestial musical journey with the Lindo Galaxy and let your creativity soar.