Preethi Lavender WG905 2-Litre 150-Watt Wet Grinder

Preethi Lavender WG905 2-Litre 150-Watt Wet Grinder

Are you tired of spending hours grinding ingredients for your favorite recipes? Look no further! Introducing the Preethi Lavender WG905 2-Litre 150-Watt Wet Grinder, the perfect addition to your kitchen appliances.

Superior Grinding Performance

Equipped with a high torque motor, this wet grinder ensures superior grinding performance. Say goodbye to lumpy batter and uneven textures. The cylindrical grooved stone provides effective grinding, giving you the perfect consistency every time.

Easy Operation

The Preethi Lavender WG905 features a stainless steel drum that makes operation a breeze. Its aesthetically designed compact body fits perfectly in your modern kitchen, saving you valuable countertop space. The transparent drum lid allows for easy viewing, so you can monitor the grinding process without lifting the lid.

Safe and Durable

Your safety is our top priority. The shook proof ABS body ensures stability during operation, preventing any accidents. The 3 core PVC insulated plug top and earthing provide additional safety measures. You can grind with peace of mind, knowing that the Preethi Lavender WG905 is designed with your safety in mind.

  • Power: 150 watts
  • Operating voltage: 230 volts
Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. Can I grind both wet and dry ingredients with this grinder?
  2. Yes, the Preethi Lavender WG905 is designed to handle both wet and dry grinding. From idli batter to spices, this grinder can do it all.

  3. Is the stainless steel drum easy to clean?
  4. Absolutely! The stainless steel drum is easy to clean and maintain. Simply rinse it with water after each use.

  5. What is the motor speed of this grinder?
  6. The motor operates at a speed of 900 RPM, ensuring efficient and quick grinding.

In conclusion, the Preethi Lavender WG905 2-Litre 150-Watt Wet Grinder is a must-have for any kitchen. With its superior grinding performance, easy operation, and safety features, it is the perfect companion for all your grinding needs. Upgrade your cooking experience today!