Variomatic Malossi Overrange – Yamaha Aerox 50 Cat (from year of manufacture 2003) Type: SA14


The Variomatic Malossi Overrange is a high-performance variator designed specifically for the Yamaha Aerox 50 Cat scooter manufactured from the year 2003 onwards. This variator, also known as the MHR Variomatik 2005, is the perfect accessory to unleash the full power of your engine.

Compared to the normal multivar, the MHR 2005 Variomatik weighs 19 x 15.5 mm, ensuring a high level of smoothness and easy tuning. The vario rollers have different inclination angles and raceways, resulting in a significant increase in performance compared to ordinary sports variators. If you have a strong motor, the Variomatic Malossi Overrange is a must-have.

Please note that this variator is designed for pure high-end motors. If you have a normal to medium tuning, we recommend using the multivar instead.


– Unbeatable value for money
– Suitable for Minarelli engines
– Counter-pressure spring: red
– Weights: 19 x 15.5 mm – 3.50 g / 3.80 g


The Variomatic Malossi Overrange offers several benefits for scooter enthusiasts:
1. Increased performance: The vario rollers’ unique design and inclination angles result in improved acceleration and top speed.
2. Easy tuning: The 19 x 15.5 mm size ensures smooth operation and makes tuning adjustments hassle-free.
3. High-quality construction: Malossi, with over 90 years of experience, produces racing accessories of the highest quality in their own factory.
4. Suitable for high-end motors: If you have a powerful engine, this variator is specifically designed to handle the increased power output.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this variator compatible with my Yamaha Aerox 50 Cat scooter?

Yes, this variator is specifically designed for the Yamaha Aerox 50 Cat scooter manufactured from the year 2003 onwards.

2. Can I use this variator for normal to medium tuning?

While this variator is primarily designed for high-end motors, it can still be used for normal to medium tuning. However, for optimal performance, we recommend using the multivar.

3. How do I install the Variomatic Malossi Overrange?

Installation instructions can be found in the product manual provided with the variator. It is recommended to seek professional assistance if you are not familiar with scooter mechanics.


The Variomatic Malossi Overrange is a high-performance variator that offers increased power and improved performance for your Yamaha Aerox 50 Cat scooter. With its easy tuning and high-quality construction, this variator is a valuable addition to any scooter enthusiast’s collection. Upgrade your scooter’s performance with the Variomatic Malossi Overrange and experience the thrill of the open road.